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Oral Hygiene


World's first fully-automated toothbrush 

The masterpiece of our enterprise


Highly efficient

The 360° auto clean technique will remove all kinds of contamination completely. In 3 minutes it will perform significantly better than comparable electric brushes.

In addition, the antibacterial effect helps to recover a healthy oral flora. The ultrasound has been proven to eliminate all kinds of germs.

Three modes: Clean, massage, whitening.

Strongly White Teeth

Use the ‘Whitening’ mode for the Cold Light teeth whitening. In-depth and gentle. A daily treatment of 15 minutes will lead to a complete result after less than one month.

Ultra Healthy

FDA-approved. The mouth tray is made out of extra-soft premium silicone. Food-grade quality. For maximal comfort during brushing.


in-depth cleaning using the Bass technique
360° ultrasound effect
battery running time: 4h
100% food-grade premium silicone
weight: 110g
micro USB-port for the charging station

Every other adult is skipping evening tooth brushing sometimes. Severe health damage is the consequence.

Most people are brushing for 60 seconds. Dentists recommend up to 5 minutes (with an conventional brush).

You waste 108 days of your life just on teeth brushing.



Peak Technology

Years of testing were needed only for the design. So ‘HiBrush’ will adapt on every tooth row. And it even goes along with braces. The brush works with a modified version of the Bass technique. The technique recommended by dentists. Modified to be even more effective. 360° auto-clean. 720 flexible silicone bristles. There will be no blind spots. Only absolute purity. But there is more to it. The key word is Cold Light. A misleading name, because it is not cold at all. In fact it is only referring to the white/blue-ish color of the sonic light. Cold Light is as effective as tooth bleaching, but way more gentle. Absolutely harmless. Used by high-class dentists for years. Now for your household.

Peak Performance

There are three modes: Clean. Massage. Whitening. Cleaning will take you only 10 seconds. And you do not need to do a thing. Simply wait. The bristles are vibrating more than 10.000 times per minute. You will feel the difference. The whitening mode will use the Cold Light teeth whitening. It will take you less than 15 minutes. Even severely discolored teeth will be completely bleached after one month.

For You

Our motivation is to IMPROVE your DENTAL hygiene. No matter WHEN... No matter WHERE... That's why 'ULTRASOUND TOOTHBRUSH' is so practical and comfortable. ULTRALIGHT! PORTABLE! Perfect for your next Holidays or for WORK. No stress with the recharge. The battery lasts for up to a MONTH. Dentists recommend brushing their teeth 3 times a day. Sounds difficult... Well, NOT anymore.


Unapologetically Clean!

Healthy teeth is the key to a perfect health. Now you don’t have an excuse anymore.


very easy to use!

Connect the mouth tray to the core unit.

Squeeze the toothpaste on both sides of the mouth tray.

Press the start button. Switch to the ‘Cleaning’ mode. Wait 10 seconds.





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