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AC Voltage Detector

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Non-contact AC Voltage Detector.

It is adjustable sensitivity for different measurement applications and portable size for convenient carrying. 
With the sensitivity adjustment function,you can select 12-1000V AC or 48-1000V AC(Default situation), so you can use the volt tester without the worry that it would make noise under no operation. 
Just put the sensitivity adjusted button to adjust the sensitivity (Low, Mid, High) to measure the voltage ( 48V-1000V under default situation to 12V-1000V). 
If the device is not operated within five minutes, it will turn off automatically. Rotate the top black button on the device to quickly and easily replace the battery if the device is out of power. 
LED light design makes it work even under dark evironment. It is an ideal tool for electiric worker. 
The volt tester is complied with the CE CAT III 1000V/ CAT IV 600V, and it is also equipped with an audible and visual alarm to guard your safety. 
LCD Display: AC high pressure symbol, Low power reminding, Distinguish null line or live line. 

This function is designed for voltage detection in the weak electric field. 
With NCV function can detect objects without any AC voltage. Otherwise, it will normally beep. 

Range of AC Voltage: High sensitivity 12V-1000V / Low sensitivity 48V-1000V 
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz 
Alarm Mode: Sound and light alarm 
Voltage levels: low, moderate, high 
Electric Torch: While LED illumination lamp 
Low-voltage indicator lamp: Yes 
Power Source: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries(Not Included) 
Security Level: CE CAT. III 1000V / CAT. IV 600V 
Service Temperature: 0-40℃ 
Storage Temperature: -10-50℃ 
Altitude: <2000m 
Dimensions: Length: 159mm/6.26inch 
Color: Red 
Quantity: 1 Pc 

Package includes: 
1 x Non-contact AC Voltage Detector